Stories and Customs of Manang

ISBN 99933-646-3-9
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Compiled by
Leisl Messerschmidt, Tsering Dolma Gurung and Frances Klatzel

Contributions by
Mukhiya N. Lama, Tashi Wangyel Ghale and Tashi Rapten Ghale

“This mountain place has made us who we are as a people, our language and our culture.”

This book is for the curious, for those of you who wish to delve into the life and times, current and past, of the people of Manang so that you will experience more than just the powerful river gorges and mountain peaks on the Around Annapurna trek.

We hope to introduce you to the rich cultural history, dynamic geography, and melodic languages of the Manang Valley. By presenting the rich oral tradition of legends and myths, we hope to evoke a deeper understanding and appreciation for the adventurous and spiritual Manangpa people, the age-old fortress ruins, the Buddhist Gompas (temples) and monasteries, the Lamas (priests) and monks, hand-crafted spiritual artefacts, and colourful festivals.

In Nepal Stories and Customs of the Manang can be purchased directly through Mera Publications Tel. 4428752 or Vajra Bookshop Tel. 4220562 as well as in select Kathmandu bookstores.

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